Society is always changing, but the need for electric meters remains the same.
They are a critical part of social infrastructure, and quietly continue to tick away.
Thus we identify the things that change and those that do not, and adapt accordingly.
As a member of the Shikoku Electric Power Group, we have been expanding our business without changing our focus on electrical supply systems and electronic technology centred on measurement and control. We make your future brighter, more fun, and more comfortable, which allows us our business to grow and makes our customers, employees and their famillies, and the general public smile.
We are Shikoku Instrumentation Co., Ltd. also known as Yonkei.

Our Vision

Using electronics technology in the field of measurement and control, we endeavor to build a bright future in order to contribute to the prosperity of the local community and society.

Guiding Principles

To achieve full customer satisfaction:
We work on developing creative technology, fostering creative values and providing high quality products delivered with first-rate service.

To ensure employee happiness and motivation:
We foster an active and assertive environment where gratitude, harmony, ingenuity, and positivity are encouraged.

To develop a safe local community:
We ensure corporate ethics and legal compliance are respected and in harmony with the global environment. Through our company activities, we have become a trusted member of society.

December 1951
480 million JPY
No. of employees
758 ( as of 31st March 2022 )
What we do
Design and manufacturing of automatic gauging control
Design and manufacturing of systems
Design, construction and maintenance of electric instrumetation equipment
Calibration of devices
Measurement and examination of the air, soil, industrial waste, odors, oscillations, noise, work environment, ets.
Dispatch Worker Services
Distributor Sales