Don't miss a single defect on your retort pouch!

A highly precise,
fully automated inspection device
which detects sealing defects
in retort pouches and other pouch types.

Do you have any of the following in-seal
defects or sealing inspection issues?

Inspection is not precise enough

Manual inspection means many defects are not picked up, so checks are not accurate enough.

Limited staff means missed opportunities for detection

Staff shortages make it difficult to manage increased demand

Inspection is too time consuming

Time consuming inspection leads to a long lead time

Our Heat Seal Inspection System has been on the market for 20 years

Our Heat Seal Inspection System will solve all your problems.Our Heat Seal Inspection System will solve all your problems.

Our Heat Seal Inspection System automatically and accurately detects various problems such as in-seal defects and incomplete sealing, increasing productivity and product quality. Defective items will not slip through the net, which in turn will boost your company's brand image and reliability.

Advantages of using the Heat Seal Inspection SystemMERIT

Highly precise sealing defect detection

Our Heat Seal Inspection System uses an infrared temperature sensor which detects defects in retort pouches and other pouch types. A highly precise inspection device, it detects in-seal defects, incomplete sealing, or weak sealing, which cannot be detected by the naked eye. It allows weak sealing and packaging machine defaults to be detected early.


Speedy inspection without halting your production line

Able to inspect up to 125 bags per minute and operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, without stopping your production line. It can be attached to an existing rotary style packing and filing machine and takes up minimal space.


Can be used for traceability

Can be used to check when, where, who and how a batch was produced, a highly important feature in recent years in terms of food safety. Able to store two years' worth of inspection data, it can also be used for traceability.


It detects the following types of seal defects

in-seal defects

where some of the contents of the pouch has gotten stuck in the sealing


overlapping parts of sealing which lead to wrinkles in the sealing

sealing width

uneven or distorted sealing (slanted sealing)

overlapping sealing

two pouches sealed together

incomplete sealing

not fully sealed, or weak sealing

Suitable for the following products

Heat Seal inspection can be carried
out for various pouch types,
such as retort pouches

retort food

chilled (refridgerated)


  • curry
  • stews
  • hashed beef
  • beef and rice bowl
  • Pasta sauce
  • demi-glace sauce
  • white sauce
  • baby food
  • food for the elderly
  • pet food

  • curry
  • stews
  • hashed beef
  • beef and rice bowl
  • Pasta sauce
  • demi-glace sauce
  • white sauce
  • baby food
  • food for the elderly
  • pet food

Types of packaging machines
the device can be used with

(rotary style)

not suitable for use with pouch vacuum packaging machine

Pouch making

compatible with some types

Pillow packing



Model (SHI-503C)

Inspection screen (example)

Diagram of outer dimensions

Items which can be inspected Retort pouch filling machines (aluminium or resin types)
Inspection quantity Max 125 bags per minute (using a double-barreled filling and packing machine)
Inspection system Non-contact temperature measurement system
Functions Touch panel, learning function, able to store data for up to 999 types of pouch
Inspection history Up to 20 million screenshots (depending on the inspection type)
Power AC220V or 230V, capacity 300VA
Types of products which can be inspected Curry, pasta sauces, soup

C fast startup disk (read only) which uses SSD to save data. More reliable than HDD, which is prone to unexpected malfunctions causing your system to crash and production line to stop.

The infrared sensor can be connected to up to 2 units at once. It can be used for a variety of different inspection types in one place, or installed in two places, after the first sealing and after the second sealing.

Connecting the sensor

We can recommend the most suitable type of sensor based on the packing machine type, pouch material, and the contents of the pouch which is to be inspected.


Avoid complaints! No more inspection staff! Top notch reliability!

"We were reluctant to use automatic inspection devices until now, but with manual inspection human errors are unavoidable, and as a result we received several complaints. We first came across the Heat Seal Inspection Device at a trade fair, and got in touch with Shikoku Instrumentation straightaway".

"Although we weren't in a position to purchase the Heat Seal Inspection Device straightaway due to other machinery being higher on the priority list, looking at its track record we realise just how important it is to avoid customer complaints and have decided to start a trial period".

"We haven't received a single complaint since we started using the Heat Seal Inspection Device, and we no longer need manual inspection staff. We've been using the device since 2014, and its reliability is unbeatable! We'll definitely buy this device again".


Are there any running costs?

No consumables required. We recommend an annual inspection to ensure continued performance.

Which pouch types can be used?

We usually inspect the top seal of a 3-way sealed pouch. Please contact us using the contact form if you have specific queries about other types of pouches that can be inspected.

Can defects be detected with our pouch types?

You are welcome to send us a sample of the pouch you use, together with its contents, and we will inform you whether or not it can be used with our Heat Seal Inspection Device. Please contact us using the contact form.

Can you install the Heat Seal Inspection Device on our packing machines?

Our device is mainly used with single and twin (duplex) rotary type packing and filling machines and placed after the first sealing. Please inform us of the packing machine manufacturer and machine type, and we will let you know whether or not it is compatible with our device.

How much does it cost?

For details on pricing, please contact us using the contact form.

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Invented by our highly skilled and creative engineers, the Heat Seal Inspection System accurately and quickly detects defects that are invisible to the naked eye. The device has been sold to food manufacturing companies all across Japan and is one of our bestselling products to date.

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